Java Solution Architect | 80.000€+ or Freelance | (Micro Services, Cloud Platforms, Senior Team, no CV needed)
location_on 90% Remote Vienna, Austria
work Vollzeit | Freiberuflliche Tätigkeit
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Java Solution Architect | 80.000€+ or Freelance | (Micro Services, Cloud Platforms, Senior Team, no CV needed)
location_on 90% Remote Vienna, Austria
work Vollzeit | Freiberuflliche Tätigkeit
Bored about your Tech Challenges and want to work in a Senior Team?!

One of our Project examples:

We created a standard API for the Bank's external customers as part of our project. Customers and business partners of the bank can use this API to create/manage depots and handle transactions, which are currently handled manually by bank workers. A microservice architecture based on Spring Boot services is the plan.

... you are not active in daily meetings anymore? -> Now is the moment to read this joboffer!


Our techstack:

  • Stack: Java & Enterprise Patterns
  • Experience with Microservices Architecture and Patterns
  • Container technology, Spring Boot, Web Technologien (Grails, Thymeleaf, JavaScript Frameworks, CSS, HTML 5) is a nice to have

Long story short:

  • Decomposing monolithic Banking systems into microservices architecture to bring agility for our systems is our main job for the incoming years - for the detailed informations, we connect you directly with our Dev Team.

... a typical Sprint:

  • Developed based on product / process descriptions with high level end-end solution design.
  • Defines the important functionalities of solutions based on the requirements.
  • Supports your dev team by creating solution designs
  • Comprehensive understanding of the system landscape/architecture & IT strategy
  • Detects the possible reusability of components
  • How to eat an elephant - Subdivided complex applications during the construction phase in smaller, manageable parts.
  • Understand the function of each component of an application as well as the interaction and dependencies between components / applications.
  • Research (tools, methods) / evaluation of new technologies in cooperation with the IT architect and the infrastructure team
  • Supports business process analysts in an analysis of technical requirements with technical focus
  • Work no more than 40h/week... we're running a marathon, not a sprint. ;-)

We have some exciting news for you!

You've already finished half of the job application. The first call won't require a CV.

Who is the Specific-Group?

We are not an impersonal coporate with anonymous developer batteries neither are we a start up with small projects. Our annual growth in our efficiently sized company (130AT/International 400) is around 25%! Thats why we are able to catch the best (backend) projects for mobility, fintech and finance.

This only works because of our perfect project and senior team (75%+) combination.

facts and figures:

  • 155 colleagues in Vienna (75%+ seniors)
  • In total more than 400 technical experts
  • 24 years on the market (18 years with distributed teams)
  • 12 international offices
  • Industries: 30% B2B Corporates & 70% Fintech/Finance
  • Techstack: Focus on Java & .Net
No CV necessary for the first Call - let's have a call!

In the first meeting (max. 15 minutes) we talk openly about (team structure, expectations, salary structure...)

- Book directly in the calendar: Select a Date & Time - Calendly

- Average application time until the contract (8 days)

PS: Sounds promising, but not the right timing for you yet? You know someone who might fit - We pay €2,000 for each successful recommendation, even if you don't work for us yet. (Send your recommendation to Julian.voboril@specific-group.com)

Which projects have we already done?

Which projects have we realized?

(Average project duration 1,8 Years)

Platform for Greenfield Car Mobility:

  • This established "Auto As A Service" and redefined inexpensive mobility. The future of mobility is an all-in-one platform that provides a wide range of automobiles that may be rented for minutes to months. In the summer, it's a cabrio, and in the winter, it's an electric SUV.

EBV Appraisal Platform for Motor Vehicles

  • In Austria, our software is used to print vignettes on 80% of registered automobiles.

Schoolfox / Fox Education Communication Platform

  • 1.300.000 active teachers/parents/students use the system and save about 15.000.000 A5 paper slips per year
  • The auto-translate function of text messages in 24 languages removes barriers between parents and teachers.

Backoffice of the Fairplane Flight Refund Platform

  • 650.000+ claims for air travel delays settled

Platform for Business Payments

  • The platform connects significant clients of an international bank to payment transactions directly. It can handle 1 million transactions per hour on a regular basis.
  • The largest wage payouts per block exceed 1 billion euros!

A market-compliant, attractive and performance-related salary starting at 70,000€ with a willingness to overpay depending on experience and qualification.

We are pleased that you are interested in the Specific Group. According to the

Specifications of Art. 13, 14 and 21 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

we will inform you below about the processing of the data you provide in the

transmitted as part of the application process and, if applicable, by us

collected personal data and your rights in this regard: specific-group.com/privacy-policy

Responsible handling of personal data is a matter of course for the Specific Group.