Senior Java Developer - (International senior team - 17+ years of experience in successful relocations)
location_on Wien, Österreich | Valencia, Spanien
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Senior Java Developer - (International senior team - 17+ years of experience in successful relocations)
location_on Wien, Österreich | Valencia, Spanien
work Vollzeit
We move you and your family to Vienna or Valencia

About 75% Remote / Hybrid Setup

Relocation Support:

  • We pay and take care of the document processing in Austria/Valencia end to end
  • 17 years of experience in relocation with senior Java Engineers.

5 Reasons to relocate to vienna:

✅ Awarded for most liveable city in the world (10 times)

✅ Great economy, infrastructure, health system, pension system.

Free university: High standards of free education for kids (from Kindergarden to University)

✅ Beautiful landscape, lakes and travel opportunities.

✅ You don´t need an additional health insurance.

5 Reasons to relocate to Valencia:

Top 3% of most life worthy Cities in the world

✅ Valencia ranked as the healthiest city in the world for 2 consecutive years

✅ It is always sunny in Valencia and because of the fresh sea breeze it never gets too hot in summer

✅ Beautiful landscape and travel opportunities.

✅ Its very affordable to live in Valencia high quality and low cost go hand-in-hand

Why Specific Group?:

  • 30% of your colleagues speak russian.
  • 150 technical colleagues in Vienna, more than 80% Seniors.
  • In Valencia we only hire seniors
  • In total more than 400 technical experts.
  • 23 years on the IT market (18 years with distributed teams).
  • 12 international branches.
  • Industries: 30% B2B Corporates & 70% Fintech / Finance.
  • Techstack: Backend focused on Java/spring & Cloud.

You have more then 5 years experience in the Java/Spring Stack - Then we have a match!

Role description

Our tech stack: (Java 11)

  • Spring Framework, Spring Boot/Cloud microservices
  • REST, API Gateway/API Management
  • SQL, database and transactions basics, JDBC, Rabbit MQ
  • ORM frameworks (Hibernate 4+)
  • CI/CD (Gradle, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Nexus, Sonar)
  • Cloud concepts & applications experience

Your tasks:

  • Test-driven development and clean code are not just buzzwords
  • Code review for quality, to have a good sleep before a release ;-)
  • working in "real" senior team´s
  • You actively participate in the entire development process and
  • You are working within agile teams on various projects to not get bored technically
  • Budget for technical Development

Team members roles: (2 Weeks Sprints)

  • Tester, Architect, Fullstack Dev´s, Technical Requirement Engineer, Project Manager, DevOps
Who is the Specific-Group?

We are not an impersonal coporate with anonymous developer batteries neither are we a start up with small projects. Our annual growth in our efficiently sized company (130AT/International 400) is around 25%! Thats why we are able to catch the best (backend) projects for mobility, fintech and finance.

(Send your CV or linkedin Link to - bewerbung@specific-group.at)

Which projects have we realized?

(Average project duration 1,8 Years)

Greenfield Car Mobility Platform:

  • This redefines affordable mobility and introduced "Auto AS A Service".
  • The future of mobility is an all in one platform, which offers a wide variety of cars from minutes to months. In the summer cabrio in winter Electric SUV.

EBV Motor Vehicle Appraisal Platform

  • 80% of registered cars in Austria have a vignette printed with our software.

Schoolfox / Fox Education Communication Platform

  • 1.300.000 active teachers/parents/students use the system and save about 15.000.000 A5 paper slips per year
  • The auto-translate function of text messages in 24 languages removes barriers between parents and teachers.

Backoffice of the Fairplane Flight Refund Platform

  • 650.000+ claims for air travel delays settled

Corporate Payment Platform

  • With the platform, major customers of an international bank are directly connected to payment transactions. It regularly handles peaks of 1 million transactions per hour.
  • The largest salary payments are over 1 billion euros per block!
Want to now more about life and work in Vienna/Valencia?

Send your CV or linkedin Link to - bewerbung@specific-group.at